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First, understand what you are trying to accomplish.  Write down the changes that you want to make in your house.  Separate what is a necessity and what is a luxury.  Put together some dream folders on a site like Houzz or Pinterest.  Have a firm understanding of what your budget is.  This means write down a number that you are comfortable with…then write down a second number that represents how far you could stretch that number.  Now, start putting together your team.   Your team consists of your contractor and the architect/designer.  You should start by asking friends and colleagues if they have someone that they have worked with and loved.  The trust you have in your friend/colleague will probably be your best guidance.  There are sites like Yelp, Home Advisor, etc…but someone is making money in that scenario.  Selecting both members of your team as early as possible, before plans are on paper, will help ensure that your project meets expectations.

Where do I begin: About
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